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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is compiled monthly and measures changes in the price of goods and services actually charged to consumers. The index relates to the whole country and to all income groups. From time to time, the CPI basket of goods and services is revised to reflect the actual spending habits and general consumption patterns of private households.

As from January 2015, a new CPI series was introduced. This new series is computed based on an updated basket of goods and services and their corresponding weights derived from the results of the 2013 Household Budget Survey conducted on the three main islands of Seychelles (Mahe, Praslin and La Digue). The new weight base period for the index is 2013 and the price base is 2014 = 100.

It is important to note that the CPI measures price movement (that is, the change in prices of goods and services) and not actual price levels.

The commodities in the basket are classified according to the 12 divisions of the UN COICOP (Classification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose) with the sub groups into four levels (Fish, Other Food, Non-Food and All Items).

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