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National accounts
At Current Market PricesSCR millionQ1/20185,336.75,204.6
At Constant Market Prices (2006 =100)SCR millionQ1/20182,323.62,279.3Quarterly National Accounts Data
Industrial Production index2013=100Jun/201883.0108.0IPI
Labor market:
Employment (All sectors)ThousandQ1/201848.748.2Employment and Earnings 
Labor market:
UnemploymentPercentageQ1/20184.23.2Unemployment bulletin Data
Labor market:
Wages/Earnings (All sector average)SCR Q1/201812,84512,350Employment and Earnings
Price index:
Consumer prices2014=100Jul/2018110.29109.84Consumer Price Index
Price index:
Producer prices2013=100Jun/201892.785.6PPI
RevenueSCR millionJan/18566.11782.13
TaxSCR millionJan/18533.68525.88
Other RevenueSCR millionJan/1832.43228.22
GrantsSCR millionJan/181.3928.03
ExpenseSCR millionJan/18608.82784.08
of which: Interest SCR millionJan/1897.2365.98
Gross Operating Balance SCR millionJan/1875.45-1.96
Net Acquisition of NonFinancial AssetsSCR millionJan/18102.58164.08
Net Lending (+)/borrowing(-) SCR millionJan/18215.85-364.23
Net Acquisition of Financial AssetsSCR millionJan/180.01-3.57
DomesticSCR millionJan/189.74-3.57
Net Incurrence of LiabilitiesSCR millionJan/18-0.30417.13
DomesticSCR millionJan/18-173.39434.94
Bank financingSCR millionJan/18-135.53467.36
Nonbanking FinancingSCR millionJan/18-37.86-32.42
Foreign SCR millionJan/18-122.37-17.81
RevenueSCR millionJun/18 592.55 732.01
TaxSCR millionJun/18 510.65 620.71
Other RevenueSCR millionJun/18 36.60 100.90
GrantsSCR millionJun/18 45.30 10.40
ExpenseSCR millionJun/18 495.79 528.09
of which: Interest SCR millionJun/18 34.88 39.55
Gross Operating Balance SCR millionJun/18 96.76 203.91
Net Acquisition of NonFinancial AssetsSCR millionJun/18 72.61 22.80
Net Lending (+)/borrowing(-) SCR millionJun/18 (175.94) 181.11
Net Acquisition of Financial AssetsSCR millionJun/18 0.17 -
DomesticSCR millionJun/18 0.17 -
Net Inccurence of LiabilitiesSCR millionJun/18 177.12 (40.93)
DomesticSCR millionJun/18 192.29 (40.77)
Bank financingSCR millionJun/18 21.33 (94.55)
Nonbanking FinancingSCR millionJun/18 170.96 53.79
Foreign SCR millionJun/18 (15.17) (0.17)
Total Gross Outstanding DebtSCR millionQ1 / 201812347.1412352.77
Domestic debt by MaturitySCR millionQ1 / 20186855.276811.39
Short TermSCR millionQ1 / 20185964.705892.77
Long TermSCR millionQ1 / 2018890.57918.62
External Debt by MaturitySCR millionQ1 / 20185491.875541.38
Short TermSCR millionQ1 / 2018
Long TermSCR millionQ1 / 20185491.875541.38
BilateralSCR millionQ1 / 20181316.591274.56
MultilateralSCR millionQ1 / 20181932.661910.36
Commerial SCR millionQ1 / 2018370.42369.87
PrivateSCR millionQ1 / 20181872.201986.59
Total Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ1 / 2018801.71799.56
External Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ1 / 201864.8762.98
Domestic Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ1 / 2018736.83736.58
Depository Corporation SurveySCR millionhttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Broad Money (M3)SCR millionJun/1816,422.19 16,242.39
Money (M1)SCR millionJun/184,976.01 4,946.28
Money (M2)SCR millionJun/189,772.78 9,699.59
Domestic AssetsSCR millionJun/188,823.34 8,646.06
Net Claims on GovernmentSCR millionJun/181,960.43 1,940.91
Claims on Private SectorSCR millionJun/186,209.05 6,117.02
Claims on Public SectorSCR millionJun/18653.85 588.13
Net Foreign AssetsSCR millionJun/1811,525.29 11,716.85
Other Items netSCR millionJun/183,926.43 4,120.52
Central Bank Survey
Monetary baseSCR millionJul/183,861.31 3,331.91
Currency in circulationSCR millionJul/181,289.39 1,291.87
Other depository corporation surveySCR millionJul/182,371.92 2,040.04
Standing Deposit FacilitySCR millionJul/18200.00 0.00
Domestic Claims
Net Claims on GovernmentSCR millionJul/18-1,879.75 -2,024.35
Government DepositsSCR millionJul/183,064.81 3,209.40
Government CreditSCR millionJul/181,185.05 1,185.05
Other Items netSCR millionJul/181,427.30 1,818.20
Net Foreign AssetsSCR millionJul/187,168.36 7,174.46
Interest RatesPercentagehttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs)
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assetsPercentageJun/1817.10 18.56 http://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assetsPercentageJun/188.18 8.76
Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capitalPercentageJun/1813.10 11.41
Nonperforming loans to total gross loansPercentageJun/186.02 5.73
Return on assetsPercentageJun/183.00 3.33
Liquid assets to short-term liabilitiesPercentageJun/1865.36 66.22
Net open position in foreign exchange to capitalPercentageJun/180.28 0.88
Stock Markethttp://www.trop-x.com/
Balance of Paymentshttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp#bop
Current AccountUSD millionQ1/18-61.09 -80.50
GoodsUSD millionQ1/18-161.80 -140.52
ExportsUSD millionQ1/18115.04 152.25
ImportsUSD millionQ1/18276.84 292.76
ServicesUSD millionQ1/18141.73 107.92
CreditUSD millionQ1/18281.60 247.42
DebitUSD millionQ1/18139.87 139.50
Primary IncomeUSD millionQ1/18-35.86 -46.23
CreditUSD millionQ1/181.26 4.42
DebitUSD millionQ1/1837.12 50.64
Secondary IncomeUSD millionQ1/18-5.16 -1.67
CreditUSD millionQ1/1810.15 13.03
DebitUSD millionQ1/1815.31 14.71
Capital AccountUSD millionQ1/1812.21 8.19
CreditUSD millionQ1/1812.21 8.19
DebitUSD millionQ1/180.00 0.00
Financial AccountUSD millionQ1/18-36.03 -62.87
Direct Investment, AssetsUSD millionQ1/186.60 -20.10
Direct Investment, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ1/1844.27 66.63
Portfolio Investment, AssetsUSD millionQ1/1858.41 0.95
Portfolio Investment, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ1/18-7.28 -0.17
Other Investments, AssetsUSD millionQ1/18-13.56 18.86
Other Investments, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ1/1858.66 -7.87
Reserve AssetsUSD millionQ1/188.17 -3.83
Net errors and OmissionsUSD millionQ1/1812.84 9.45
Official Reserve Assetshttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Total Official Reserves AssetsSCR millionJul/187,628.24 7,707.10
Foreign currency reservesSCR millionJul/187,474.33 7,551.78
IMF reserves positionSCR millionJul/1868.20 68.83
SDRsSCR millionJul/1885.70 86.50
Gold; and SCR millionJul/180.00 0.00
Other reserve assetsSCR millionJul/180.00 0.00
Official reserve Assets and Other Foreign Currency AssetsUSD millionJun/18http://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/interreservetemplate.jsp
Merchandise Tradehttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Trade Balance
Merchandise ExportsUSD millionJun/1825.85 63.22
Merchandise ImportsUSD millionJun/1885.01 113.57
International investment positionhttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Direct Investment AbroadUSD millionQ1/18825.64 820.04
Portfolio InvestmentUSD millionQ1/181,315.12 1,256.71
Equity securitiesUSD millionQ1/181,091.61 1,091.61
Debt securitiesUSD millionQ1/18223.51 165.10
Other investmentsUSD millionQ1/181,073.32 1,104.99
Reserve assetsUSD millionQ1/18554.23 544.70
Direct Investment in Reporting EconomyUSD millionQ1/182,657.00 2,614.65
Portfolio InvestmentUSD millionQ1/18210.91 218.00
Equity securitiesUSD millionQ1/1863.38 63.80
Debt securitiesUSD millionQ1/18147.53 154.20
Other investmentUSD millionQ1/181,481.30 1,431.16
External debtUSD millionhttp://www.cbs.sc/Statistics/statistics.jsp
Exchange RatesQ1/183,260.58 3,179.90 http://www.cbs.sc/FX%20Market/consolidated.jsp

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