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National accounts
At Current Market PricesSCR millionQ4/202364415737


At Constant Market Prices (2014 =100)SCR millionQ4/202355024969
Industrial Production index2013=100Mar/2480.985.9


Labor market:
Employment (All sectors)ThousandQ4/202354.9354.97


Labor market:
Unemployment (Provisional)PercentageQ4/20232.83.3
Labor market:
Wages/Earnings (All sector average)SCR Q4/202316,71015,422


Price index:
Consumer prices2018=100Apr/24126.96126.90


Price index:
Producer prices2013=100Mar/24110.2109.2


RevenueSCR million2023 1,062.94 788.95
TaxSCR million2023 702.13 705.70
Other RevenueSCR million2023 361.13 74.19
GrantsSCR million2023 (0.33) 9.06
ExpenseSCR million2023 961.87 800.17
of which: Interest SCR million2023 21.67 109.56
Gross Operating Balance SCR million2023 101.07 (11.22)
Net Acquisition of NonFinancial AssetsSCR million2023 268.34 63.42
Net Lending (+)/borrowing(-) SCR million2023 (211.99) (69.04)
Net Acquisition of Financial AssetsSCR million2023 2.63 11.27
DomesticSCR million2023 2.63 11.27
Net Incurrence of LiabilitiesSCR million2023 153.26 (24.68)
DomesticSCR million2023 69.13 (0.10)
Bank financingSCR million2023 40.60 (0.11)
Nonbanking FinancingSCR million2023 28.53 0.00
Foreign SCR million2023 84.14 (24.57)
Revenue SCR million Mar/24 522.72 621.19
Tax SCR million Mar/24 488.48 565.64
Other Revenue SCR million Mar/24 33.94 48.46
Grants SCR million Mar/24 0.30 7.09
Expense SCR million Mar/24 694.05 745.62
of which: Interest  SCR million Mar/24 64.13 98.16
Gross Operating Balance  SCR million Mar/24 (171.33) (124.43)
Net Acquisition of NonFinancial Assets SCR million Mar/24 24.07 37.38
Net Lending (+)/borrowing(-)  SCR million Mar/24 188.03 (145.35)
Net Acquisition of Financial Assets SCR million Mar/24 (2.52) (3.82)
Domestic SCR million Mar/24 (2.52) (3.82)
Net Inccurence of Liabilities SCR million Mar/24 (97.97) 106.01
Domestic SCR million Mar/24 (434.19) (240.15)
Bank financing SCR million Mar/24 (451.83) (152.37)
Nonbanking Financing SCR million Mar/24 17.64 (87.78)
Foreign  SCR million Mar/24 336.22 346.17
Total Gross Outstanding Debt SCR million Q4/2023 17,495.41 17,526.25
Domestic debt by Maturity SCR million Q4/2023 8,568.74 8,717.50
Short Term SCR million Q4/2023 1,824.84 2,050.24
Long Term SCR million Q4/2023 6,743.90 6,667.26
External Debt by Maturity SCR million Q4/2023 8,185.41 8,062.68
Short Term SCR million Q4/2023
Long Term SCR million Q4/2023 8,185.41 8,062.68
BilateralSCR millionQ4/2023 1,019.55 1,012.50
MultilateralSCR millionQ4/2023 6,061.50 5,931.68
Commerial SCR millionQ4/2023 292.08 307.23
PrivateSCR millionQ4/2023 812.27 811.26
Total Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ4/2023 741.25 746.07
External Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ4/2023 117.15 122.09
Domestic Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ4/2023 624.11 623.98
Depository Corporation SurveySCR millionCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Broad Money (M3)SCR millionMar/2425,195.5225,123.89
Money (M1)SCR millionMar/248,631.558,626.71
Money (M2)SCR millionMar/2415,481.2515,457.64
Domestic AssetsSCR millionMar/2415,010.3915,406.28
Net Claims on GovernmentSCR millionMar/244,159.084,618.70
Claims on Private SectorSCR millionMar/249,874.799,793.58
Claims on Public SectorSCR millionMar/24976.52994.00
Net Foreign AssetsSCR millionMar/2420,632.3919,414.70
Other Items netSCR millionMar/2410,447.259,697.08
Central Bank Survey
Monetary baseSCR millionApr/ 246,920.826,321.72
Currency in circulationSCR millionApr/ 241,595.691,627.19
Other depository corporation surveySCR millionApr/ 243,995.133,755.33
Standing Deposit FacilitySCR millionApr/ 241,330.00939.20
Domestic Claims SCR millionApr/ 24-790.26-503.95
Net Claims on GovernmentSCR millionApr/ 24-857.85-580.69
Government DepositsSCR millionApr/ 242,048.091,776.49
Government CreditSCR millionApr/ 241,190.241,195.80
Other Items netSCR millionApr/ 242,458.983,051.03
Net Foreign AssetsSCR millionApr/ 2410,170.069,876.70
Interest RatesPercentage
Central Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs)
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assetsPercentageMar/2413.0913.19
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assetsPercentageMar/2410.2110.23
Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capitalPercentageMar/2420.1218.49
Nonperforming loans to total gross loansPercentageMar/247.697.69
Return on assetsPercentageMar/243.323.09
Liquid assets to short-term liabilitiesPercentageMar/2470.5070.41
Net open position in foreign exchange to capitalPercentageMar/24-2.92-2.90
Stock MarketStock Market
Balance of PaymentsCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Current AccountUSD millionQ4/23-9.66 -49.99
GoodsUSD millionQ4/23-196.21 -242.23
ExportsUSD millionQ4/23130.44 152.98
ImportsUSD millionQ4/23326.66 395.21
ServicesUSD millionQ4/23207.03 219.70
CreditUSD millionQ4/23478.62 468.28
DebitUSD millionQ4/23271.59 248.58
Primary IncomeUSD millionQ4/23-16.35 -22.59
CreditUSD millionQ4/2313.90 14.69
DebitUSD millionQ4/2330.25 37.28
Secondary IncomeUSD millionQ4/23-4.13 -4.87
CreditUSD millionQ4/239.84 9.25
DebitUSD millionQ4/2313.96 14.12
Capital AccountUSD millionQ4/234.56 1.98
CreditUSD millionQ4/234.56 1.98
DebitUSD millionQ4/230.00 0.00
Financial AccountUSD millionQ4/230.96 -59.49
Direct Investment, AssetsUSD millionQ4/23-9.97 -9.98
Direct Investment, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ4/2351.75 53.62
Portfolio Investment, AssetsUSD millionQ4/236.87 5.60
Portfolio Investment, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ4/2310.20 -9.65
Other Investments, AssetsUSD millionQ4/23118.44 56.91
Other Investments, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ4/2315.66 49.82
Reserve AssetsUSD millionQ4/23-36.77 -18.23
Net errors and OmissionsUSD millionQ4/236.06 -11.48
Official Reserve AssetsCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Total Official Reserves AssetsSCR millionApr/ 2410,816.5610,524.00
Foreign currency reservesSCR millionApr/ 2410,465.0010,172.01
IMF reserves positionSCR millionApr/ 2467.7467.82
SDRsSCR millionApr/ 24283.83284.18
Gold; and SCR millionApr/ 240.000.00
Other reserve assetsSCR millionApr/ 240.000.00
Official reserve Assets and Other Foreign Currency AssetsUSD millionMar/24Central Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Merchandise TradeCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Trade Balance
Merchandise ExportsUSD millionMar/2432.1442.06
Merchandise ImportsUSD millionMar/2494.9692.47
International investment positionCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Direct Investment AbroadUSD millionQ4/231,717.30 1,727.26
Portfolio InvestmentUSD millionQ4/23927.18 916.04
Equity securitiesUSD millionQ4/23847.56 844.57
Debt securitiesUSD millionQ4/2379.62 71.47
Other investmentsUSD millionQ4/233,595.25 3,542.86
Reserve assetsUSD millionQ4/23682.38 707.74
Direct Investment in Reporting EconomyUSD millionQ4/234,486.95 4,430.31
Portfolio InvestmentUSD millionQ4/23227.64 227.53
Equity securitiesUSD millionQ4/2391.38 91.27
Debt securitiesUSD millionQ4/23136.26 136.26
Other investmentUSD millionQ4/232,884.51 2,902.85
External debtUSD millionQ4/236,087.32 6,053.43 Central Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Exchange RatesCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Population (2)ThousandSA2/23120.5119.8

About the Bureau

In July 2010, the legal framework of the Bureau was recast and modernized and the National Statistics Bureau Act, 2005, was repealed to be replaced by the National Bureau of Statistics Act, 2010. The institution is now the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and is headed by a Chief Executive Officer. 

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